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Create an Interactive Relationship with Your Target Markets. A strong online presence is based on a consistently presented message that builds sustainable relationships with both customers and prospects. The look and feel of the website should be in harmony with any printed materials to build a consistent brand experience. Great user interface designs focus on specific, measurable goal actions that generate results. Cita's eight-step web development process includes:

(1) site requirements, (2) information architecture, (3) website look & feel, (4) site specification document,  (5) site development, (6) bug report & revisions, (7) live launch, and (8) content maintenance.

Forward thinking companies are also leveraging social media to control messaging, engage with customers and protect their brand. There are many ways to include some form of social marketing in your mix—even for medical companies with HIPAA and legal concerns. Twitter, blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube are evolving every day and offer new ways of engaging customers with your brand.

Let Motion Media Move Your Message. Capture your audience with the power of multimedia. Like no other, this rich medium can educate, entertain, inspire and motivate. Cita has experience developing video, film, CD and DVD productions—from scripting and shooting to editing and distribution.

Video and motion graphics can be an integral part of any marketing program:

  • Product Demonstrations
  • Case Studies
  • Educational Programs
  • Sales Motivation & Training
  • Third-Party Testimonials
  • Investor Relations
  • Public Relations
  • Video Streaming on the Web
  • Trade Shows
  • TV Spots